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Julyano Texeira
Julyano Texeira, Orlando, Flórida, Estados Unidos
Gilsolon de Oliveira - SAB House Cleaning
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After Gilsolon and his pizza business fell on hard times in his native Brazil, he moved to Florida, hoping to secure a better future for himself and his family. And when starting a food business in his new country proved expensive and risky, he opted for launching his cleaning and restoration business, SAB House Cleaning, instead. Yet despite a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit, Gilsolon lacked the capital he needed to expand SAB House Cleaning. “I started my business without capital – there was barely enough to support my family and my business,” said Gilsolon.  “It was hard to keep clients coming – sometimes they would disappear or wouldn’t be able to pay upfront.”

After seeing an advertisement for Accion and contacting a loan consultant, Gilsolon received his first loan within a week.  The loan immediately allowed him to purchase more equipment, pay his business’ rent and invest in marketing. Today, his company has expanded its client pool substantially. “Accion was the launching point for my success. If Accion hadn’t given me the money, I wouldn’t have been able to continue.” Today, SAB House Cleaning is flourishing, with Gilsolon having hired more than five employees to date and busy applying for a third loan.

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